All systems are operational
UK - London hardware upgrades

Starting 2020-09-01, we will be upgrading cloud servers in our uk-lon1 location to faster hardware in uk-lon2. We will decipher the most suitable 'off-peak' period per cloud server based on historic usage patterns, then migrate the data during this timeframe. If you have a more suitable or preferred date/time, please contact technical support who will happily arrange this for you. We anticipate a downtime between 5-60 minutes per cloud server, dependent on the amount of data stored. No end-user changes are necessary. We thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the upgrade!


12th March 2020

No incidents reported

11th March 2020

Server monitoring platform Monitoring platform updates

We are preparing to update our server and website uptime monitoring platform. The update fixes some bugs and adds new features. We expect the updates to last up to 15 minutes, during which time the platform will be unavailable and any occurring alerts will not be sent. This may delay our response to any occurring incidents.

  • We encountered unfoereseen complications with the upgrade process. We have rolled back to a stable version. There were two impacted periods of 5 minutes during which alerts were not triggered. We will work to resolve the problems we encountered and reschedule the upgrade.

  • 10th March 2020

    No incidents reported

    9th March 2020

    No incidents reported

    8th March 2020

    Connectivity impacted to Google/AS15169

    We have identified a connectivity issue between our network and Google's AS15169. You may experience errors with Google services such as Gmail, Public DNS, Cloud, Webmaster Tools and crawlers. We are investigating as a priority.

  • We have implemented a permanent solution, and connectivity is back to normal.

  • We have identified the source of the problem and implemented a temporary workaround. Connectivity to Google/AS15169 should be considered 'at risk' until a permanent solution is in place.

  • 7th March 2020

    No incidents reported

    6th March 2020

    No incidents reported